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The Why?

Content builds brand awareness and strethens relationships. Stronger relationships increase revenue and brand loyalty.

For us, this is not just an experience, this is a chance to build a connection, generate business and show off all the great things that makes your brand unique!




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Be Social. Be Seen.
Social Scene Team


Social Scene from name to design embodies the infinite life connection between creating a social scenery (visual content) to connect you with your audience.


Who We Are?

An innovative social & experiential marketing company (online and on-premise) building content to grow relationships with your target audience through events, community engagement, social media and customer relations.




Event Planning and Logistics

Social Scene works with you to develop a custom concept to connect your target audience to your brand; all at competitive industry pricing. Let us manage all the moving pieces as we plan, produce and execute your next online or on-premise experience.




Let’s Get Creative

Our goal is to open your world to connect with new & current clients & colleagues through a different
experience; created with you, but managed by us.


New Clients?

Meetings and calls have become the norm, but let us make an impression to be remembered. We will create
an interactive and memorable experience to invite that potential client, provide a seting where you can truly get to know their issues and concerns all while creating
a tangible connection and memory.



Current Clients

Maintaining the relationship with current clients is imperative. Sure, connecting over a local game or
private dinner has its perks, but imagine an event in which the community, your staff and current clients have the opportunity to connect during an interactive & new experience in a new space. 



Community & Charity

Want to actually see the impact and receive exposure for your efforts within the community? Do more than just write a check. Let us create an experience to give back and generate exposure for your company's values and initiatives.

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