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Connecting People. Building Relationships. Creating Memories.

This is how we partner to grow and connect you with a great audience! 

The Why?

Content builds brand awareness and strengthens relationships. Stronger relationships increase revenue and brand loyalty.

For us, this is not just an experience, this is a chance to build a connection, generate business and show off all the great things that makes your brand unique!


We work with you to create content online and custom concepts on-premise to connect your target audience; building the bridge between online social engagements and on-premise social interactions. Social Scene introduces customers to your brand through digital content, allowing your audience to identify with your core values. We partner to manage your marketing, social media, customer service, promotions, advertising, logistics and analytics supporting your growth story.


Social Scene from name to design embodies the infinite life connection between creating a social scenery (visual content) to connect you with your audience.

Who We Are?


An innovative social & experiential marketing company (online and on-premise) building content to grow relationships with your target audience through social media, customer relations, programming (events), and analytics.



Social Media & Brand Management



You connect with friends by creating memories and experiences with them, online content is no different. It starts by creating content around your brand so your audience identifies with who you are, your values and wants to support your growth story. We help tell this story and manage your customer relationships around it. Having a content strategy further builds your relationships with customers.



Content starts the conversation while programming brings it full circle. We build an audience online excited about your message, then we bring them on-premise to engage with your brand; providing analytics to support your growth story.

Programming will turn your likes into dollars.


Customer Relationship Management:

  • Saving you time responding to reviews, questions and comments
  • Responding promptly to customers, while reflecting your brand image
  • Timely and positive online experiences correlate with high customer engagement online and on-premise


  • Programming (events & promotions) to engage new and repeat customers
  • Convert online exposure, likes, and shares into revenue for your brand.
  • Promotional campaigns tied in with your content to grow your business.
  • Capturing customer data and re-targeting for future campaigns

Business Growth & Analytics:

  • Analytics for online and on-premise campaigns, in line with growing your bottom line
  • Profit share options to subsidize monthly retainer
  • Monthly meetings to review and plan for future content and programming

Content & Social Media Management:

  • Build a content strategy to grow likes, comments, and shares
  • Timely enggement with current and new audiences
  • Blogs and content centered around your brand images and product offerings
  • Content, social media brand management, & programming starts at $6,000 monthly
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